Teach You Six Ways to Tell the Real or Fake of Oakley Glasses

Teach You Six Ways to Tell the Real or Fake of Oakley Glasses

Co-founded by Jim Jannard and basketball star Michael Jordan, Oakley glasses is the leading brand of sports eyewear. It combines comfort, practicality and artistry, and has been warmly welcomed by many of the world's top athletes and fashionable people because of its excellent glasses performance and trendy appearance. However, with the continuous improvement of the brand awareness of Oakley glasses, there are many counterfeit products in the market, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish the real Oakley glasses. Next, we will introduce in detail the way to distinguish between true and false Oakley glasses from five aspects, so as not to make you suffer from counterfeit goods!

1. Pay attention to the price

If you get a pair of Oakley glasses for $30 or $40, 99% of them are counterfeits. Because the average price of Oakley glasses ranges from $100 to $500 or more. If the price is much different from the specialty store, it is likely to be a fake. But we all know that the lenses of glasses are consumables. Once they are damaged, it is not cost-effective to buy a new pair of Oakley. At this time, replacement lenses are a good choice for you, replacement lenses of brands such as Mrylens, PapaViva and OWLIT will bring you a perfect shopping experience.


1.Check the spectacle box packaging

1)Outside of the glasses case

Some styles of Oakley glasses come with glasses cases. But it should be noted that the real Oakley glasses case should be of high quality, the material is smooth and the texture is delicate, the workmanship of the brand logo is exquisite, the stitching part is very uniform, and there are no dents, blemishes and burrs. The counterfeit glasses case looks rough and relatively loose in texture, and even has a trace of thread at the seam


2)Inside of the glasses case

Open the glasses case and you will see the damage-proof sponge lining inside the lid of the genuine case. It is formed by high temperature integral compression molding, with good elasticity, fine and uniform cotton foam, smooth edges and covering the entire glasses case. The counterfeit product has only a part of the damage-proof sponge lining here, and the cotton foam is loose, the elasticity is poor, and the color and material are far from the real product.

The glasses groove in the real glasses case is neatly cut and the gap is moderate, so the glasses can be completely embedded in them after being placed to ensure that the glasses will not be scratched and collided during transportation and carrying. The counterfeit glasses box is only a few simple foam pads, which have no protective effect on the glasses.


3. Dust bag

Dust bag is the standard configuration of Oakley sunglasses, and different styles of sunglasses dust bags have different patterns, etc., but the same is that they are all finely crafted with smooth surfaces and delicate hand feeling. Moreover, the dustproof bag should be laid neatly and delicately without thread end, with clear embroidery and correct pattern. Generally, it is Oakley's oval O logo or HDO logo.


4. Check brand name and logo

The simplest and direct way is to check whether the spelling of Oakley letters is correct. Only fake goods will have misspelled names, or there are phenomena such as letter dislocation and letter skew.

The real Oakley glasses legs and lenses have a strong sense of transparency, the logo is narrow and long, and fits perfectly with the frame. Compared with the logo of fake goods, it is more oval, and the inlay will be casual, even with rough edges.

5. Check relevant information

There should be white labels on the sides of all packaging boxes, with two different bar codes and details such as the style and color of corresponding glasses. When you get glasses, you can first go to the official website or Google to search whether there is a corresponding model, frame or color matching. Some counterfeit manufacturers will produce models of Oakley glasses that don't exist at all.

Generally, Oakley glasses have a serial number or SKU number on the inner side of the arm stems. These numbers usually start with OO followed by alphanumeric codes, such as OO1111-11. For older and retro styles, the SKU or serial number may be just a series of numbers separated by dashes or hyphens, such as 11-111. And the riveted parts of Oakley glasses' legs and frames usually have oval or square brand O-shaped marks.


6. Check the glasses legs and nosepiece

There is a wide space between the two legs of genuine Oakley glasses, which is about the average width of most people's skulls. It is comfortable to wear without pressure. The distance between glasses legs of counterfeit products is much narrower, and wearing them for a long time will increase head pressure.

The rubber of genuine Oakley sunglasses nosepiece is soft and smooth, which will not rub the bridge of the nose and cause discomfort. It fits highly with the lower frame of the sunglasses frame. The rubber of the imitation nosepiece is relatively hard, which will cause discomfort after wearing for a long time.


The above is the method we share to distinguish between real and fake Oakley glasses. We hope these tips can help you and avoid the trouble of buying fakes in your daily shopping.


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