Lens Care

How to Care for R.L.W Lenses

Sunglasses in mint condition can go a long way to seeing the world better. Pay a little care, and you will get more. Here are a few tips:

An ultrasoft R.L.W microfiber lens bag is provided with every order to keep your sunglasses and lenses clear, away from inadvertent scratches. Upon cleaning your lenses, a blow or rinse with clean water is recommended to first remove any loose particles that could potentially scratch your lenses. Then, simply wipe them clean with the bag provided or a clean cotton cloth. Should the spots not be easily removed, you could have a go at an eyeglass cleaning spray or mild liquid soap and warm water.

When you are not wearing your sunglasses be sure to store them in their case or microfiber soft pouch.

Do not place your sunglasses face down on the surface as this can cause the lenses to scratch.

Do not place sunglasses where they may overheat, such as on the dashboard of a car. Overheating can damage your lenses or deform your nylon frame. 

Always put them away in a glasses case or an electrostatic bag when you're not wearing them, not loose in your pocket, backpack or purse where the lenses can get scratched or chipped.

Stay away from cleaning agents containing alcohol, salt water and chlorine, as these substances can damage the mirror glass coating. Should your lenses come into contact with these substances, rinse them with water to keep the coating intact.