About US

How It Started

RLW started with a desire, "When will wholesale lenses have better optical quality?" said Heaton's wife, Kelly. Kelly is a retailer of an offline optical store, suffering from the optical quality problem of wholesale lenses, has been working hard to seek for a better lens wholesaler to import lenses.

Heaton, in response to his wife's aspiration and the common problem faced by many lens retailors, decided to create his own wholesale lens brand, committed to making replacement lenses of the highest optical quality and the best after-sales service. That is how RLW was born in 2015.

But that was just the beginning, and today RLW lenses is second to none in the production and distribution of sunglasses. We have been serving optical customers in over 200 countries and territories for over 7 years, with hundreds of replacement lens models ready to ship to customers anywhere in the world.


RLW strives every day to exceed the best you can imagine. When we say RLW wants to be your preferred wholesale lens supplier, we mean it. With our own independent wholesale optical lab, we wholesale optics to dispensing opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, and use only the most advanced equipment. Every one of our lenses is guaranteed to meet the most exacting standards. No matter what lenses you need, RLW can provide you with the fastest production lead times and the inventory to meet your budget and needs.