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Replacement Lenses Wholesale

Polarized Replacement Lenses for Oakley Beckon Sunglasses

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Wholesale POLARIZED Replacement Lenses for-Oakley Beckon Sunglasses

All R.L.W Lenses Come With:
  • Truely Polarized
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • 100% Accurate Fit
  • Tint View Optimized
  • Made By Highest-Quality Materials
  • Hign-Impact Resistant
  • Anti-Oil, Anti-Water, Anti-Dust
  • Scratch Resistant Coated
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Shipped within 1 Business Day
**Lenses Are Made by R.L.W Project (This is not an Oakley Product)
**Please note: Purchase does not include frame
Disclaimer: These are not Oakley products, the R.L.W Project lenses are not sold or created by Oakley. The listing items are manufactured by R.L.W Project Company, made for Aftermarket only and are not associated or affiliated to Oakley Inc.


What is R.L.W’s Product Warranty?
You are backed by the best warranty and guarantee in the industry when you purchase an R.L.W product.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Test our products and if you don't like them, send them back within 60 days for a refund or exchange them for another product.

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1 Year Warranty
A 365-day warranty against manufacturing defects covers all R.L.W lenses and accessories - if something is wrong with our workmanship, it will be made right.

What Does This Warranty Cover?
The Warranty covers all lenses and accessories sold or distributed by R.L.W or its authorized dealers against defects in materials and workmanship.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
This limited warranty does not cover:

Regular wear and tear, including scratches and scuffs
Unauthorized modifications or repairs
Loss or theft
Accidental, abusive or improper handling or storage
Improper use of chemicals and cleaning agents
How long is this warranty?
The warranty starts from the date the product is delivered to you and lasts for one year.

What Will R.L.W Do?
A defective product will be exchanged or replaced with a new set of lenses at no cost to you.

Start a Warranty Claim
Should you need to file a warranty claim, please go to our warranty form and we will get back to you within one business day.

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Expert Install Service
Shipping and handling fees for expert installation services are non-refundable, but the lenses are still covered under this warranty and guarantee. For a return, exchange or to submit a warranty claim for lenses installed by our experts, please contact us.

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For the safety of our employees, we have decided to close our telephone call center and showroom in response to the latest government proposals. All operators are currently working from home, and yet full email support is still available. Feel free to contact us via the contact us form if you have any questions. Our warehouse has not been affected and all orders are being shipped.

How Our Lenses Are Made

We back all our lenses with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. We don’t think you’ll need to use it, but you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Traced True. Cut Clean.

Snap on and load your lenses and do your job. With our LockFit™ technology, we build our lenses to fit securely and stay out of the way, so you can go anywhere. That's how we work.

Precisely Measured

A 3D rendering of the exact dimensions of the frame and lens shape is captured by us using a pressure-sensitive multi-pivot head tracker.

sunglasses being traced to get the correct lens shape

Cut for an Exact Match

The trace file is transferred electronically to a state-of-the-art lens sealer. Each lens is cut to exactly match the master file using 12 different tools with specialized functions, a 5-axis router and a spindle running at 30,000 RPM.

lenses being cut to exact shape

Checked & Double-Checked

Last, we test the fit of each lens shape we offer at our headquarters. So we can be sure that when you install them, they will lock tight and secure.

Lenses being inspected for quality in the frame

Guaranteed to Fit

All lenses are backed by our 1-year manufacturing warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. You won't need to use it in our opinion, but you can rest assured knowing you are covered by the warranty.

  •  Free US Shipping & Returns
  •  1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Fit Very Vell

They fit very well and are very easy to install. Don't worry about them suddenly appearing on the road. The sharpness is excellent, in fact I prefer them to my original lenses. Even if I put them in, they don't appear too dark. I'll update the scratch resistance later if I have any questions.Couldn't be more pleased with these shots, which says a lot because I'm picky. If I need more, I will definitely be back.

CH3 LuisRobletto

Replacement lenses are usually a miss, they either don't fit 100% or are made of cheap plastic. But these were a success! They fit perfectly and are very clear. I am a big fan, especially for the price. A slight fading of them from top to bottom like the originals.

fred jorge begliomini junior
Awesome lenses

Perfect for my Oakley Beckon , awesome lenses and look cool too. These are polarized and come in a cool tint

CL shopper
Great bargain

I've been wearing them for a few months now without any problems. If you like vivid lenses with a red tint, try these!

Peter Taylor
Highly recommended

I was very happy to find replacement lenses for less than the price of my Oakleys. It's great to have lenses that aren't scratched! These are my everyday sunglasses and it gets very annoying, but I still really like these glasses. Highly recommended

Guaranteed to Fit

We back all our lenses with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. We don’t think you’ll need to use it, but you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.